Here we are yet again, guys! I am now introducing to you a brand new band! How exciting. Well.. they aren’t new to the scene, per say, but they’re new to my adventure blog followers. Or photography followers in general. Anyways…

So I came across this band last December when I shot VictoriaDrive for the first time. Chris (my boyfriend) and I came to the show whenever they were on stage and instantly took a liking to their sound. The songs they played were catchy and I was tapping my foot on the barstool. We then saw them again at the St. Patrick’s Day show at Mr. Roboto, with.. none other than VictoriaDrive, lol. They are good friends and play together a lot to the point it’s become an inside joke. But, like before, my liking to their music was re-ignited and I found myself enjoying their set from afar. It wasn’t till after that show that drummer, Chris Ferreè, inquired about having me shoot one of their upcoming shows. Of course, I jumped at the chance, for one, I loved their music, and two, getting another gig.

Finally, we have show day. They were opening up for a band called Future Generations, whom I’d never heard of before. We came inside and met Chris, along with his bandmates, Vinny (guitar) and Mario (vocals/keyboard/everything else) and just chatted. They are super nice guys, let me just say. Then watching them on stage, and really watching this time rather than passively watching, was wild. Despite having a small crowd, their energy and passion for their music never waivered. Vinny plays some killer guitar, that which I know Chris (my boyfriend.. I have to specify now) was very impressed and practically hypnotized by. Chris (drummer) is crazy good on the drums and never ceases to impress crowds with his deep rap included in two of the songs they performed. And Mario, well.. he plays practically everything and he gets so into it. I caught him dancing to the beat whenever he wasn’t singing and that is something I like to see. You have to have a passion for what you do, or you may as well not be doing it… especially with music.

Vertical 48 is a local Pittsburgh pop/rock band. If catchy tunes are what suits your fancy, go check them out. You won’t regret it… or maybe you will… mostly because their songs are so damn catchy. In fact, I currently have “Real World” in my head as I write this… lol.

Anyway…below are some shots from their set on Saturday and the rest are uploaded on my Flickr album. Go check ’em out if you have a second. Forreal. And as for any bands wanting to inquire about a shoot, click on my contact tab!


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