Hey everybody! Well, it’s official; the end of the teens decade is sneaking up on us quickly. 2019 is coming to a close, and it was quite the year. I thought it would be cool, just for growth’s sake, to summarize my year in photos. So here goes…


The start of my last semester of college. I had some extra credits, so I decided I wanted to take a photography class to help me better my photography skills. I actually learned a lot, and found it really fun to have a project theme and learn things I’ve never done before, such as portrait photography. So I had a lot of fun with that. Here are some photos I loved from the class.

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First show of 2019 at the Smiling Moose. (blog post)

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Shot for Pittsburgh Music Magazine


La Roche Spring Concert:

This was my last concert of my college career being the founder of the group behind the college shows, the La Roche Concert Council. Not gonna lie, I was pretty sad. But at least I went out with a bang. We had State Champs and Eternal Boy play to a crowd of about 800 people. Definitely one of the most incredible and surreal nights of my life. It made me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life. (blog post)

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The Dangerous Summer:

The Dangerous Summer with Atlantic Wasteland at The Smiling Moose. (blog post)

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Savannah, Georgia:

Family trip to Savannah, with a day trip to Hilton Head, and it was a beautiful city. It was vintage, but it also had a modern feel and I loved it. Absolutely beautiful. (blog post)

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Art Show:

Entered my photos into the school art show and one of them was a finalist. I didn’t win but there were a lot of cool photos entered for the photography portion of the show. (the photo from Italy is the one that was a finalist)

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Hear Tonight Photoshoot:

One of my last full band experiences before they decided to call it quits 😦 But it was so fun to get some studio experience and the photos turned out so much better than I expected.

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The first month of me starting full time at my job….. lol


Only my second show ever at Mr. Roboto Project in Garfield. (blog post)

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These are two of my friends from college and we all got our photos done of and with each other and it was great. They turned out so beautiful.

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Marianas Trench:

FIRST SHOW OF 2019 AT MR. SMALLS ❤️ (blog post)

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Shot for Pittsburgh Music Magazine

Evan & Kelly:

My close friends, Evan and Kelly, had me take the photos for their Save the Dates for their wedding next year and they turned out so nice 😀

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Ghost Party Photoshoot:

This was an on-location photoshoot that they were using to announce their name change. I really impressed myself with this shoot. I was so nervous for it.

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This time around, they played at the Rex Theater in the South Side. (blog post)

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Shot for Pittsburgh Music Magazine


Dan & Rosemary:

Dan, from VictoriaDrive, and his fiancé wanted me to take their engagement photos! We just did North Park and I can honestly say that I’ve never been more in love with a set of photos than I am of these. Absolutely stunning. ❤️

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Hear Tonight/Ghost Party:

Hear Tonight’s last show 😦 it was at the Deutschtown Music Festival. We also stayed for Ghost Party!

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Sad Summer Festival:

The first ever Sad Summer Festival, in the first year without the Warped Tour. An incredible honor to be a part of.

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Shot for Pittsburgh Music Magazine

Adda Coffee & Tea House:

I took these on my Google Pixel! (blog post)

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Well, I had mono practically all month so I barely worked, let alone took photos. So nothing eventful, at least in photos.

Ember + Forge:

These were also on my Pixel because I just didn’t wanna drag my camera around in Erie for the 7th year in a row, hahaha.

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Yay, I’m alive!!

Also I SAW THE JONAS BROTHERS. I took photos on my phone so I’ll include some. Since I got nothing else.

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Four Chord Music Festival 6:

First Four Chord at Highmark Stadium! It was a surreal experience for sure. (blog post)

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Shot for Four Chord Music Festival

Hoodie Allen:

Hoodie came back to the Burgh and played Foxtail again. I got to shoot for Drusky Entertainment which was an absolute freaking awesome experience. (blog post)

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Shot for Drusky Entertainment

Myiah & Brent:

Some friends of Evan and Kelly’s wanted me to take their engagement photos and we took some downtown.. more like Oakland because Phipps wouldn’t let us in. Then, we went to some of my favorite photo spots in North Park. I love these pictures too.

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A Day to Remember:

So this one was a bit out of my comfort zone, but was an awesome experience overall. ADTR played at the Petersen Events Center. (blog post)

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Shot for Pittsburgh Music Magazine

Atlantic Wasteland:

I photograph these guys on a regular basis, so this stands as my one mention so I didn’t talk about them like 15 times throughout this post. They played with bloom. earlier in the year, I did their album review, as well as their album release party, they played Pittsburgh Ribfest, and they opened for Mayday Parade at Slippery Rock, which was an awesome experience for them.

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4121 Main:

Only the 3rd coffee shop adventure this year, but hopefully next year will bring more of them! Still waiting for one to beat Espresso a Mano! (blog post)

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Honestly, this felt like one of my less eventful years for my photography, but life gets in the way sometimes. Overall, I had a blast. I had plenty of personal milestones, while simultaneously fine tuning my photography skills in any way I can. I just want to say thank you if you follow my blog or read my posts and appreciate my art. I also want to send a shout out to the bands and my friends, who continue to believe in me and love what I do.
Cheers to the new year! Here’s to a year filled with adventure and much more photography for you. Thanks for sticking with me 😘

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