Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love of all kinds. And I, for one, love love. I have always been a hopeless romantic. I love watching rom-coms, I love watching Hallmark movies around Christmas time, the whole shebang. Even before I fell in love, I loved love and wanted to know what it felt like. So, needless to say, couple pictures are some of my favorite pictures to take. I typically like to just have the couple act natural and be themselves together. It makes the pictures more raw and real. I apply that to all my photography but especially couple photos.

Showcased here are some of my favorite couple photos I have taken over the past year. If you or someone you know is in need of a photographer to take photos of them and their significant other, click the contact tab and send me an e-mail!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples out there and to all those who just love love ❤

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