Friday February 24th was a weird day, specifically referring to Pittsburgh’s weather. It was a 75 degree day in February. I mean, I’m certainly not complaining, especially when we’ve had lower than 30 degree weather lately but still uncharacteristic of winter. But, being off work for the day, I knew I had to make the best of the wonderful weather and take my camera out for a nice summer-during-winter shoot. I did some shopping first and then took a little walk to the pond right in front of the chapel, where some geese and ducks were hanging out. Later, my boyfriend and I did a 5 mile walk around the lake at the park down the street, where I brought my camera and got some evening shots as well. Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful day and I am so happy I got to enjoy it in full.

Here, I showcase some of my favorite shots from the day! Check out the rest on my Portfolio! 🙂

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