I had very high expectations coming into this show. From a photographer’s point of view, lighting is everything. You can be the best photographer in the world and if the lighting is bad, you can only do so much with your camera and in post-processing to fix it. However, I’d heard nothing but amazing things about Canadian-sensation, Lights’ shows. Also considering that her stage name is “Lights”, I expected an awesome light show…. I was not let down.

Lights came to Pittsburgh earlier this week (March 7th) and played at Mr. Smalls Theatre, a smaller church-turned-concert venue, in Millvale — my favorite venue in Pittsburgh by far. On her We Were Here Tour, she brought along DCF and Chase Atlantic.

DCF was… interesting. He’s a neo pop star from Canada. DCF stands fo David Charles Fischer, which I literally found out 5 minutes ago. I had a preconceived idea about him when I found him on Instagram a few minutes before he came out on stage. He is obsessed with Hello Kitty, he added ‘prince’ to the front of his name, and he just seemed very flamboyant and extreme, haha. Once he came out, I got a better idea of what it was he does. The crowd enjoyed his set and he even seemed to have a few fans in the audience, which is always really cool to see for smaller acts. He was upbeat and got the crowd’s blood pumping and prepping them for what was going to be a wild night. I learned that he initially was trying to be the ‘new’ Prince, hence why he has Prince DCF written most of the time. He said he thought people would see him and his costume and get it, but mostly, it seems that people don’t. He danced and got the crowd moving and singing along with him and it was an overall fun set to watch. I linked his Facebook page above if you feel inclined to give him a like!

Next up was Australian alternative/R&B band, Chase Atlantic. The crowd went wild when they came on stage. Tons of the girls in the crowd were freaking out as soon as they appeared. The beat to some of their songs reminded me of The Weeknd and adding their vocals in, gave it some really chill vibes. They had very high energy, which helped keep the crowd’s energy high as well. The lead singer, Mitchel Cave, had crazy good crowd interaction and the young girls were going wild. I honestly expected the crowd to turn into a mosh pit, cause they just seemed like that kind of band, but thankfully it didn’t, haha. I did notice, however, that they blend their two genres together quite well.  They utilized the stage well also and involved the crowd a bit too. Overall, they were a great segue into the main event.

Lights, whose legal name is Valerie, is originally from Vancouver/Toronto, Canada. According to her Facebook page, she considers herself ElectroSoul, which is actually a great way to categorize it. I would also say she is on the pop/rock/alternative side as well. As I said earlier, I heard great things about her shows and light show and I was not let down. The light show was really cool and included a bunch of different colors, as well as a visual backdrop that had an added effect. She also had a mix of some older music as well as some songs from her latest album, ‘Skin&Earth‘. If you aren’t familiar with the red-headed bombshell, you would also not know she released her own line of comic books, which she said on stage was, “a dream of hers.” You can access them here. She did everything herself and each edition was released monthly, leading up to the album’s release. That definitely makes her stand out among the rest… aside from her vibrant, gorgeous head of hair. Many girls in the audience had their hair dyed to match their idol, which was cool to see. She had great crowd interaction and was extremely enjoyable to watch. In my opinion, she is a musical powerhouse. She has a very strong voice and wonderful stage presence. After seeing her blow the roof off of Mr. Smalls, I am a fan. She is a forced to be reckoned with in this industry and for women nowadays, it’s hard to do. She is a great representative for women in all facets of the music industry. So, if you haven’t already, I linked some of her socials above and I highly recommend you go check her out.

Check out my photos and write up in Pittsburgh Music Magazine here! !

Now, I know I say this in every single post, but go check out the rest of the photos I took from this tour on my Portfolio. It may be bold, but these are my best photos to date. I’m extremely proud of them and excited to share them with you.

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