Hey again! Long time no post! I’ve been very busy with school and also haven’t had a show in a while. It felt great to get back at it.

This time, we have a new band! After seeing my photos from a show they played at of Look Out Loretta, Sam, from Atlantic Wasteland hit me up and asked me to come shoot their next show! Prior to the show, we did a little promo shoot (which once they use them, I’ll include here).

The show was at Black Forge Coffee House (whose chai I reviewed here) located on thee outskirts of the South Side. Wild venue, let me tell ya. Not very big though, but considering it’s a coffee shop, it’s not shocking. The stage was smaller, so with 5 band members, Sam (vocals/guitar) and Ausinette (vocals) played from the floor. Needless to say, it was an interesting show.

Atlantic Wasteland, a local alternative/emo/pop-punk band, are a super fun band to watch. They would have been easier to photograph had it been a bigger venue with more room, lol. Ausinette is crazy. I normally shoot shows and use auto focus because it’s easier, but since she was all over the place, my camera couldn’t keep up with her so I had to focus it manually, haha. They get so into the music and it’s awesome. They did a bunch of original songs but also did a cover of The 1975’s ‘Robbers’ which the crowd was psyched about. The last song of their set was an original song called, ‘Pittsburgh’ which I found to be interesting. There’s a voiceover that was very solemn and really set the mood for the song and performance. Overall, they’re very passionate about the music they play and really involve the crowd whenever they can…. especially Ausinette. She interacts with the crowd and jumps around and it’s just crazy and fun. (She also had an Americano and was hyped on espresso and it was hilarious)

Go check them out on your go-to music platform, if you’re the emo/pop-punk type!

Check out some of my favorites below! And be sure to check out more photos here!

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