Hey all! Hope you had a great 4th of July and enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend! I certainly did.

I spent Sunday exploring a new park! Chris and my friends, Evan and Kelly, had gone to this park before, called Harrison Hills Park located in Natrona Heights. The back story, is they were there just hiking and exploring and got to one of the steep cliffs and Evan was looking over the edge and sitting, and his phone fell. It fell down on to another ledge and he went to get it. Now, it’s a steep cliff… very steep. If I were Kelly, I would have killed him for risking his life like that. He did manage to get it and it was unharmed and he came back with just some scratches and bruises. Kelly has been telling us we need to see this to understand how terrifying that situation was. We finally got a nice day and made the journey out there.

It was quite the hike. A good 2.5 miles(ish) up hill, over roots, through water, and steep down hill. I was tired, sweating, and my calves hurt so bad. But it was great exercise and a nice way to spend the day a little aways from home.

After our hike, we went to a local Italian place called Philippi’s and it was actually so, so good. That pizza was amazing.

So yeah, that’s pretty much our little adventure at Harrison Hills Park. We did a good bit of hiking and Chris played PokemonGo and it was a great time.

I featured some photos below and the rest are on my Flickr!


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