Hey there! Last you saw me, I posted my first music spotlight for you to discover a new band. The next you will see me, is the La Roche College Spring Concert next week featuring State Champs and Eternal Boy.

Having been in a digital photography course this semester, I’ve been inspired to re-edit some previous shots I’ve taken with some of the new techniques I’ve learned and ideas that have inspired me.

5 Seconds of Summer’s Meet You There Tour photographer, Andy DeLuca, has also inspired me and you can see that through the way I edited these shots. I decided to take a more vintage approach, but with a bit of a modern twist to them. I tried to change up the colors a bit, but stay fairly consistent. Some of these photos were originally scrapped when I first went through them. After seeing Andy’s vintage style with some shots out of focus, I was inspired to revive some of mine and post them.

I picked 5SOS because for one, I still have the original unedited files, and because they are a set of shots I am so ridiculously passionate about.

So, yeah. Not a very interesting blog post, but I figured I would post something else before I leave you guys hanging for another week till I have another show.

Leave comments on what you think!

Lots of love x.

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