It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do one of our Pittsburgh coffee shop adventures! Life has gotten in the way and with all the gigs I’ve been getting it’s been hard to take some time to go check out a new shop and get some photos!

Chris and I finally had the opportunity one evening and ventured out to Adda Coffee & Tea House located in the East Liberty area of Pittsburgh. Recently, I’d upgraded my phone to the new Google Pixel 3 and thought I’d try out the camera a bit, rather than lugging out my Canon for an hour. I’m pleasantly surprised by how nice the photos ended up and they are a great presentation of how cute this little shop was.

It wasn’t too hard to find and was a short walk from where we parked. Like most coffee shops, they had some outdoor seating before you walked in the entryway door.

First things first, their environment. I thought it was the cutest little coffee shop. The colors they used were just so aesthetically pleasing and even spotting it from the sidewalk would draw people in, if the smell of coffee didn’t do the trick. They had a light blue, rustic theme that was present throughout the little shop, with a mix of woods, white and blue paints, and some metals. When we walked in, the barista working was very friendly and helpful whenever we decided what to order. There was a little bookshelf on the wall of the back of the shop with some plants and such on it. There was a decent amount of seating, with lots of customers doing some laptop work while they enjoyed their drinks. We sat on a little bench under the window next to the coffee counter. They had little half tables (that I frequently see at work) that provided a nice surface to set our drinks on. So overall, I’d give their environment a 10/10 because there’s a decent amount of seating for those who want a place to do work or just chill while they enjoy their beverages, there’s plenty of different things to look at on the wall and through the windows, and the decorations overall just really add to the aesthetic.

For the menu, it seems like they have a good bit of choices from food to coffee to tea. It’s a good place for anyone with most tastes. The pastry display has a good amount of delicious looking choices. Chris ended up getting a Pea Blossom Matcha Latte with oat milk (per barista’s suggestion) and gives it an 8/10. It has a strong matcha flavor but a very smooth blend of that and pea blossom. Cool color mix too!

As per usual with me, I got an iced Chai but this time, it was a Masala Chai Latte and it was delicious, oh my goodness. It rivals the chai I had at Espresso a Mano. I give it a 9.5/10. I had it with almond milk and it was a great blend of the spices and I could really taste, and see, the cinnamon in the chai. Oh my gosh, it was amazing.

Overall, Adda was a cute little shop with an extensive menu with food, coffee, and tea and the shop itself was small, but had decent seating and had a nice, aesthetically pleasing theme. That chai was incredible and I most definitely want to come back. Like… Tomorrow.

Below are the photos I took at Adda! Highly recommend stopping by when you get the chance!

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