Hey guys! Been some time since I’ve had the opportunity to go back out exploring new coffee shops until this weekend. This time, we journeyed out to one located smack dab between Bloomfield, Garfield, and Lawrenceville. 4121 Main is just off the main road, Penn Avenue. We parked on Penn and walked because it was within walking distance from where we saw a spot.

It’s a cute little shop. Quaint would be a good word to describe it. The shop has floral decorating every inch of space. As far as their environment, the decor is beautiful, but the seating area isn’t conducive for more than a few people to hang out and enjoy their beverages. That being said, I give 4121 Main a 6/10 for environment.

Their menu is pretty extensive. I only got photos of a few pages, but they offer a lot of options for different taste buds. Chris, being the coffee lover he is, ended up with something on the special menu called, Autumn Sweater (per the barista’s suggestion). Normally, it is a cold brew with autumn bitters, cinnamon, and coconut milk, but he got it served hot. He gave it an 8/10.

I, as usual, ended up with a chai tea latte, also hot. Now my rating was a 6/10, solely because it wasn’t what I was anticipating. Most of the chais I’ve had have had a nice blend of sweetness and spice. Here, we had solely a spice chai latte. It was unexpected, but it was still enjoyable.

Overall, 4121 Main was a quaint coffee shop located, practically, in the heart of Penn Avenue. It was a very small shop and not one that I’d suggest going to if you’re planning to hang out, sip on a drink, and get some work done. If you are, make sure to grab whatever available seat there is. The menu is extensive from coffee to tea and I’d love to go back and try some of their other tea options.

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