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We did something a little different this time! I wanted to feature Chris on my blog and collaborate. I highly recommend you checking out his movie reviews if you’re ever looking for something to watch! He’s the expert reviewer and I’m the expert photographer. Enjoy!

Abby and I were in for a heavy night as we hit the Remade in Misery Tour at Enclave in Pittsburgh’s Southside. In order to celebrate their new album, Remade in Misery, Memphis May Fire hit the road, joined by a number of similar-in-style bands. Pittsburgh was only show number two of the tour.

Wolves at the Gate: Let me tell you the tone was set from the start. Wolves at the Gate opened up with screams and melodies that had the crowd ready to rage. They rolled this energy for a solid 30 minutes and were certainly a sign for things to come.

Rain City Drive: Keeping the energy up but turning to more of a melody and vocal approach came Rain City Drive. Lead singer, Matt McAndrew has an incredible voice and it was on full display for Rain City’s set. The audience sure caught the vibe with them and sang right along with the band when possible. 🤘🏼

From Ashes to New: The stage is now mostly clear of our top two bands, and once From Ashes to New came on stage, you for sure knew it. Their name lights up the banner atop of the stage in a sick deep blue; the first of the bands to be utilizing the electric sign. Then came the band ripping their vocals across the venue and as if they weren’t already, the crowd truly came alive. Presenting their nu-metal style for the masses, Matt Brandyberry hit the flowing lyrics like a king while Danny Case came in with the “unclean” vocals like a beast. Their set was nothing short of exceptional.

Memphis May Fire: Once From Ashes to New finished their set and their name faded to black on the sign above, next came the bleeding red typeface everyone knows, loves, and has been anticipating… Memphis May Fire. The music got louder, the crowd got rowdier, and the energy went off the charts. This was truly the main event and the crowd acted accordingly. Tearing through the airwaves came Memphis May Fire with the lead song, “Blood & Water” then the rest was history. Before you knew it, we were in the encore and the crowd never faltered as if the band just started. A truly epic experience.

The Remade in Misery Tour made me a fan of newer bands and rehashed a love for metal music that I too often put on the side. If you can catch a show on this tour, I highly recommend you do. This music is electric and shakes me to my core in the best way. Can’t stop, won’t stop thinking about this show. As a matter of fact… Hey Siri, play “The Sinner” by Memphis May Fire.


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