If you follow me on social media or follow my photography page, you may know that 6 years ago, while in college, I started a committee with a few students and faculty called the La Roche Concert Council. We had two spring concerts throughout my time there and I learned so much and had the time of my life.

Once I graduated, I really didn’t know what would happen to the council. I had hoped someone would come in and want to revive it and essentially keep my legacy alive, you know? Of course before anyone could, COVID hit and live shows weren’t happening at all. It wasn’t until 2023 that I saw the new show announcement featuring popular, genre-bending artist, Bryce Vine. The show was also featuring local alt-indie band, The Ghost Club.

With my extensive concert photography background as well as my LRCC experience while I was a student, I was reached out to by a student running the council and Rishi (probably a familiar name to you! He is also a faculty member at LRU.) to come and shoot the show — to which was an obvious and easy yes. Once we were there, we saw so many familiar faces and it was so weird and fun to be back on the campus that we once called home. It was great to see the chaos of a campus concert and just watch from the sidelines. I felt a sense of pride to see what I once started, continuing long after me.

The show was very well attended too. There was a decently long line outside when we arrived and they came barging in as soon as doors opened. We watched the floor quickly fill up, along with the balcony seating, as the whole room was GA seating.

The Ghost Club opened up the show with a vibrant, funky and energetic set. They gave me The 1975 vibes and the crowd was into it. For a local act, they had a number of people in the audience who were entranced the whole time.

Next up, the main attraction, Bryce Vine. Bryce took an already hyped and alive crowd, much to the thanks of The Ghost Club, and pumped the energy through the roof. I can’t paint the picture perfectly enough, this crowd was singing every word along with Bryce and he was loving every moment of it. Between Bryce Vine’s infectious energy and a crowd that wasn’t ready to let him go once the night was over, summoning him for one last song for an encore, the La Roche Concert Council’s Spring Concert was one that won’t soon be forgotten.

I can’t wait to see what talent they bring to the concerts in the years to come!

Below you can find my album of photos from the show!


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