So one day, I happened upon an article on Facebook that talked about the “Best Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh” and it lists 21 specific ones. My boyfriend and I, being avid lovers of coffee shops and their environments, decided we’d make an adventure out of it. I figured I could bring my camera along with me and get some awesome shots and it would make for a cool, ongoing blog post, and it’d be great exposure for me and the coffee shops!

So first up, we decided to try Caffé d’Amore located in Lawrenceville, not too far from the city. It wasn’t actually all that hard to find as it was on a main road in Lawrenceville and our GPS took us down the right roads.

For a Monday around 5pm, it was fairly empty, which wasn’t all that shocking. It picked up a bit while we were there but overall, it was calm and collected.

I am an avid lover of Chai Tea anything so for the most part, for all of these ‘reviews’ I’m going to be trying their Chai Teas.. lol.

So we ordered and just pretty much sat and talked. There was one girl working and she was really chill and liked what we were doing with our little journey. While my boyfriend talked to her as she made our drinks, I noticed a sign pointing to the other direction that read “Books” so I decided to check it out, eager to get some cool photos.

It was like walking into a mini library… it was so vintage and cool and I loved it. It turns out that it was a separate business from the coffee shop. It is a bookstore called Nine Stories Book Sellers and it had a ton of shelves of books to look through. I only went as far as the back of the store and looked at those books, but I definitely want to come back sometime and see what they have. I highly recommend taking a trip there to see the multitude of books they have in stock, especially if you’re an avid book lover!

We then just pretty much sat and talked after receiving our drinks, which were served in mason jars… how COOL. We then left about a half hour later once we finished and I was satisfied with shots I got.

What I love about most coffee shops, is their environment. Most of them have a sort of vintage, relaxed, library-style vibe to them and it’s just so cool. So as far as rating their environment, I rate them an 9/10, mostly because it wasn’t super conducive for a lot of people to sit, but… who wants that anyway? Hahaha

Their Chai I rated at a 7/10 just because it was a thicker consistency and there was a lot of spice to it.. so it was different.. but not bad in any sense of the term.

Chris ordered an iced coffee with a few splashes of maple and said he rated it an 8/10!

I do highly recommend trying it if you come across the town! I took a cool photo of their menu and some of the things they sell, so you can see for yourself what you would want to order when you went. I linked their website up above if you want to see more!

Other than that, check out my photos from our adventure and stay tuned for the next 20 parts of this adventure over the next few months! Oh and if you have any coffee shop suggestions, leave a comment! The more the merrier! I love coffee shops haha.

As always, you can check out more on my Portfolio! 🙂

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