Every so often during the school year, my college holds acoustic nights for any student(s) brave enough to get on the little stage in the dorm hall and perform for their peers. Ever since I got here last year as a freshman, I’ve been a part of this.. sort of. I’ve brought my camera and taken photos of whomever was performing. Senior Joe Kelsch (pictured) has been the most popular and was the first acoustic night performance I attended.

The one I shot last night was of senior Veronica Russo (pictured), who is also in the local girl band, The Aces with Emily Phillips. Vern has an absolutely beautiful voice. She has a voice that suits artists such as Halsey and Lorde, very well.

Well, I got to shoot her little acoustic night last night. She sang all covers and was joined by Joe and then freshman Halle Mathieson for a few songs as well. All 3 are great performers and have great voices.

Check out some of my favorites from last night!

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