I’m a bit late on this one, but, I wanted to wait a day or so since I posted the other adventure post!

But, welcome to Pittsburgh Coffee Shop Adventures Part 4! Can’t believe we’ve been to that many already. We still have 17 more to go from our list plus, a few more we added because we loved them even before we started these adventures.

On Sunday April 9th, Chris and I decided to visit Big Dog Coffee, located in the South Side of Pittsburgh. It was actually on impulse because he found out that it was only 10 minutes from Schenley Park and we figured it would be a nice way to end the night!

It was ironic because when we walked to it, there was a couple walking their dogs. You know.. Big DOG?! Okay, maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s funny, haha.

It was a brighter environment and also very colorful which I always love.  It’s very hipster and 60’s, haha. The barista was awesome.. he talked to me about cameras and we tried figuring out the huge controversy between Nikon vs. Canon (he has a Nikon, I have Canon.. lol). I treated us this time and left him a tip for being so personable.

It was about 7:30ish in the evening so it wasn’t super busy. There was a little line a little after us but nothing crazy. We walked around and explored the place and, as I’ve noticed on our adventures, it was very coffee shop-esque. It was pretty much what you’d expect; abstract art all over the walls, merchandise on one side of the shop, a little sitting area with a fire place, a bulletin board for specific events, etc. It also had a little deck out back and had it not been so dark, we would’ve been out there enjoying it.

We ended up sitting at a table right in the window of the shop to enjoy our beverages.

I got, as usual, an iced chai. I saw the barista pull out the Kilogram brand from the refrigerator and I knew I was going to love it because that’s what they sold/I bought at 21st Street Coffee and Tea! So, of course I rated it a 9/10.

Chris thought he ordered coffee but there was a misunderstanding.. he ended up with an iced chai with a splash of caramel and gave it a 9/10! I tried it too and it was different but I liked it too!

As far as the environment goes, I gave it a close 8/10 because I liked the environment, but it wasn’t my favorite of the few shops we’ve visited. Still great! The experience was really great and I have no complaints whatsoever. So I highly recommend taking a trip there whenever you can. Their Facebook is linked up above.

Here are some of my favorites from Big Dog!

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