Yesterday was an absolutely wonderful day! What an adventure it was! I’ll be posting another one soon about the 4th part of our coffee shop adventures!

70 degree day on a Sunday. Absolute perfection. My adventure started with a quick lunch and stopping at my house and seeing my family for a bit. We then decided, since it was such a nice day, that we would go to North Park and just did some exploring before stopping to sit and enjoy the water and warm rays of sun on our skin. Those were moments I wish I could rewind back to. In my love’s arms, watching the movement of the water, only hearing faint sounds of cars and the water moving, with the sun beating down on us. It was just magical.

Our adventure continues to Oakland, located in downtown Pittsburgh, a place I’ve never been but damn is it beautiful! Pitt had their spring concert, the sun was out, it was warm and just continued to be perfect. We were meeting a friend who had asked me to take family photos of her and her family, in Schenley Park. We got there, met everyone, and took some awesome photos, some of which will be posted in the People Photos section of my portfolio. Schenley Park is huge and absolutely breathtaking. Once the photos were finished, we parted ways and Chris and I made our way to our 4th coffee shop on our adventure – located in the South Side!

Overall, it was an absolutely perfect day and I wish I could just relive it over and over again.

Here are some of my favorites! You can check out more in my portfolio! 🙂

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