Hello there, friends. As you may (or may not, idk if you follow my life lol) know, I’m (finally) on vacation with Chris and his friends for the week. We all rented a house/condo in Ocean City and are spending the week doing who knows what. The exciting part for me, is I’ve never been here and there is ample time and opportunity for all kinds of new and creative photos.
I’m going to make this trip into a few, hopefully short, blog posts so you may follow my adventures as I live them. I made this blog to share and look back on my adventures and this is the perfect opportunity. Without further ado, here is the first Ocean City Adventure blog post.

Day 1:
Day one of any trip is usually travel day, and that is exactly what it was. Most of us spent the night at Chris’ to leave early in the morning the next day. After stopping at Sheetz to grab some food for the trip, we were on the road for what ended up being a much longer drive than anticipated.
Now, I won’t go into any details because they’re irrelevant. Basically, the GPS took us weird places and the traffic on the Bay Bridge was nightmare-ish. We expected to be there by like 1:30pm or so but ended up finally unpacking our bags around 4:15pm.
After settling in, we decided we wanted to walk around on the Boardwalk and go get some dinner. The Boardwalk was where I got my photos for Day 1 and are featured at the bottom of the post (as usual). After dinner and exploring a bit, we went out to get some supplies for the house and ended up just chilling for the night and I got to edit my pictures.

Day 2:
Day two consisted of lots and lots of sun. We did not waste a second of daylight before going to the beach. Lol. I spent most of my time reading my book (pictured) and taking photos of the guys all being crazy in the water. Later we changed and just hung out before meeting up with more of our friends who arrived. Kelly, another one of our friends (and another girl, thank god.. I’m in a house of guys.. lol). She was adamant that we all go to the beach so we did, and I took more photos. The night ended with us going to a nice Irish Pub and coming back and relaxing (as much as guys can ‘relax’.. lol).

Stay tuned for the rest of my posts coming soon!
The rest of my photos from my trip can and will be able to be seen on my Portfolio!


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