The adventures continue in the wonderful city of Ocean City, Maryland. This post will be a much shorter one, unfortunately but still a good read!
Day 3:
Day three was a stay in day. Literally, I didn’t even step outside lol. From the second we woke up it was pouring rain. There was even a tornado warning for the area at one point. We spent our time playing Cards Against Humanity and just all hanging out together. We ordered pizza and played beer/water pong for a majority of the time while some jams played in the background. You know.. just your typical vacation day in. Lol. Being that it was an uneventful day, I didn’t even so much as touch my camera so all the pictures you see at the bottom of this post are from Day 4!

Day 4:
Day four we actually had nice weather the entire day so we made the best of it. My group and I went to lunch at this cool saloon place called Brass Balls. Great food but as per usual at most places in OC, we had an issue with the check (most places don’t do separate checks). But it was mostly cause our waiter was a jerk.. lol. But afterwards we met with our other friends and hung out at the beach for a few hours before coming back to the house. We were lucky because we had 2 friends willing to cook homemade meals for us,  despite the sucky lack of supplies the house had. James made cajun pasta and it was awesome. Even though he burned about a quarter of the pasta haha. Zach made some bomb cheesecake too. We ended up deciding to go back to the boardwalk and walk around and the boys decided they wanted to play late night volleyball (bolleyball… lol). I sat there and chilled in the cold sand, which felt so cool, and took photos of them playing. Overall, it was another great day spent in this wonderful city.

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