Well, clearly this trip was awesome, considering I didn’t get the chance to write this till now. Lol. But here is the rest of the trip!

Day 5:
Day five was another beach day. I laid out most of the time and as they’ve done the entire trip, the boys ran into the water and let the waves destroy them. I went in a little bit with Chris at one point but not super far in because I didn’t want to get destroyed.. lol. Later, Chris decided he wanted to dig an extremely deep hole and he was so dedicated to it. It was quite comical. But after spending a few hours on the beach again, we went over to the hotel across the boardwalk, where our other friends were staying, and used the pool for a bit to clean the sand off of ourselves and just chilled for a bit. We ended up leaving and going back to the house to clean up and get ready for the night. We went to this restaurant called Seacrets. Such a cool place. Mostly for over 21 people, which wasn’t me.. lol. But it’s still cool to go to regardless. If you’re over 21, you can sit at the tables that are located in the Bay. I got to see them later in the night because there was a beautiful sunset and I wanted pictures of it. They had great food too. After eating and having fun, the whole group of us went back on the bus (we walked everywhere besides the places that were on like 49th Street..lol) and went back to the boardwalk and to the Jolly Roger amusement park, located around 1st Street. Kelly and Chris decided they wanted to ride this ride called the Sling Shot and it had all of us worried to death over it. Mostly me… lol. But they lived, thankfully. If I could change one thing about this trip, I’d make it longer and have some of that time spent in that amusement park because it’s so cool and would be so fun.

Day 6:
Day six was an early day for Chris and I. I desperately wanted to see a sunrise on a beach. So, Chris came with me at 5:30am or so and it was absolutely breathtaking. I have never seen anything so beautiful before. (See pictures)
After the sun came up most of the way, we went back to the house and died again. It was early and we slept for a little bit longer. Around 9, Chris and I went to breakfast, a nice little breakfast date just the two of us which was so nice…. despite me breaking my shoe, lol. Afterwards, we went and scheduled our parasailing appointments and went back to the house for a short bit. Before we knew it, it was time to show up for what was gonna be probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done… lol. Evan, a fellow artist and good friend of ours, came on the boat with us as an observer and took all the pictures (his are the ones without my logo). Chris and his friend Bobby went on after a bunch of others and before Kelly, Leah, and myself. They went up 800ft and we went up 400ft because I’m not that brave. Chris said it was cool because they could see the bay from that height. Crazy cool experience and I highly recommend it.
Later on, we came back to the house and got ready to leave for this awesome dinner Leah highly recommended to us. It’s called Bonfire and it was so cool. All you can eat food and good company equals a successful night. But the night wasn’t over yet. We decided we wanted to go mini golfing and broke up our group into 3 groups of 4 in order to make it all work. Dylan, one of the guys in my group of 4, hit his ball so hard at one point, it went into the street. Hilarious.
We ended the night going to get Dumser’s ice cream and just hanging out together for the rest of the night before deciding it was time to sleep.

Day 7:
Day seven was our last full day here, unfortunately, but we made the best of it. We spent most of the morning on the beach before Chris, myself, Dylan, and his brother went to get lunch because we were hungry (they also wanted to try this brewery next door). Later on, after everyone came back to the house, Chris and I went back out to the boardwalk and got some photos on the pier and under the pier. (pictured) We spent the rest of the evening souvenir shopping for a while before coming back to the house and the whole group hanging out.
The next day was travel day back home and it was extremely bittersweet and depressing but it is nice to be back and already planning next year’s trip.

Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful trip spent with great people and I cannot wait to see what adventures and memories we make next year.

Check out my photos showcased here! Hope you enjoyed living my trip with me through these posts!

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