The Hard Rock Cafe. A nationwide food and concert venue/restaurant that can be found in just about every major city in America.  This was actually my first time shooting at it and I can honestly say, it was awesome. My favorite part was being able to have run of the stage and take photos wherever I pleased. With a combination of great lighting, a decently sized stage, and food, it was a great place for an album release party. Hear Tonight held their “Chasing the Rain” EP release party there this past weekend and it was everything they could have wanted. Their merch table had lines out the door, especially after their set. Fans went wild during their set and overall it was fantastic.

Being that it was an album release show, they had to have some acts opening the show for them and their choices could not have been better. First on stage was local band, (whom if you follow my blog, you know of them by now), Vertigo. They put on an awesome set, as per usual. They were missing their drummer so another member filled in on drums, and you honestly could not even tell. They rocked the stage, performing most of the songs on their newly released EP, “Andromeda” and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it.

After Vertigo, was Minnesota local, Grayson DeWolfe. The name may be familiar as he was also a part of the band, Time Atlas, before he became a single artist. He is considered an Indie/Alternative/Pop singer/songwriter. He put on an awesome show. It was kind of refreshing to see a single artist perform at this level; not big, but not necessarily playing at bars for tips. The ladies loved him and crowded his merch table after the show. His set was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting it and listening to his originals and covers. I definitely recommend checking him out and his music on whatever music platform you use. Especially if you are into that type of music.

Lastly, we had Hear Tonight, the main event. If you remember, the last time I shot them, they performed at my school and from then on I was absolutely hooked on their music. They have a beachy vibe and it is so nice to listen to no matter the time of year. They are super nice guys and as I said… their music is so freaking good. I can’t say that enough. This show was no different. And the new EP is no different, so go check it out (I linked it above). The crowd, who was mostly there for them, made their way to the stage and danced and sang the night away. Once the band left the stage, the crowd demanded an encore… and the members came back out from the bathroom next to the stage and out to the stage to do two more songs to please the crowd. First time I’ve seen an encore for a smaller band and it was so cool.

Overall it was a great night. Great turnout, great venue, and fantastic acts, all night. If you haven’t by the end of this post, check out all 3 bands in the links provided above.

Some of my favorite shots are showcased below and the rest are on my portfolio!

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