November is a weird month… especially in Pittsburgh. One day it’s sunny and warm and the next, you need all your winter gear and it is honestly just depressing. That is probably the reason why Call Me Karizma’s tour w/ A Summer High and SkyHaven was called the Gloomy Tour. I honestly have no idea, I just guessed, haha. But their Pittsburgh show was everything but ‘gloomy’. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a crowd that big and packed as I did on Saturday night at Cattivo in Lawrenceville.

For the Pittsburgh show, I was there to shoot A Summer High and… of course… Vertigo. Vertigo was up first seeing as though they were the local opening band. It’s been some time since I last saw them so I was psyched they asked me to do this show. I just love them, haha. The crowd seemed to too. As I was making my way through the crowd trying to get some unique and different angles, I saw their eyes glued to the stage as well as some Snapchats open and recording a few of the songs. I also had a girl ask me if I was their photographer, to which I said I was, and she ended up asking me where else they play. To this I told her to just check out their social medias, as they announce new shows as soon as they can get them. So I was pretty happy to see that the crowd enjoyed them. They had some people come up to the merch table for pictures too, which was awesome.
Their next show is on Saturday November 11th at the Smiling Moose w/ Anarbor, Sundressed, and more! (In case you’d like to catch a show… I’m shooting that too)

As I said, the place was packed. I may be bold saying so, but I am willing to bet a majority of people there were there to see A Summer High. They have quickly become the next big boyband, which is cool since they’re local. I hadn’t honestly given them a good chance till this night when I was asked to shoot them. They have some pretty good songs and their relationship with their fans is awesome. They seem to have a great following and seem to be doing all the right things when it comes to making it in this business. Fan relationships are honestly the most important thing a band can have; more than the merchandise sales and even sometimes the music. You can sell a shirt or a $5 CD, but giving each fan the experience of talking to you and seeing you show after show, is so important. It creates a special experience for each individual fan and can seal their loyalty toward your band. And that is exactly what I saw with them. Lead singer, Mason Levi, told fans to come see them at the merch table after their set… but not to feel obligated to buy anything. He stressed that he just wanted to meet everyone and get to know their fans a little more individually. That is something about them that stuck out to me. Their set was upbeat and the crowd never stopped dancing and screaming the lyrics along with them.
If you somehow live under a rock and haven’t heard of them, go check them out on all their social medias (Facebook is linked above) and listen to a couple tunes on your favorite music platforms.

Overall, the Gloomy Tour stop in Pittsburgh was a success. They brought an upbeat crowd who continually danced and sang the lyrics all night. The weather outside may have put a damper on things, but the indoor environment that night was anything but gloomy.

Check out a couple of my favorites from the night below! You can also check out the rest on my Portfolio! (Psst… you should. They’re awesome if I do say so myself… teehee.)

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