Oh boy, what a week I have in store for photography. This new year I got a new camera (Canon 6D…. holla) to play around with and this was the first show I got to use it at.

Dan, from VictoriaDrive asked me a week or two ago if I were able to come shoot his acoustic set opening for Set It Off, and of course I said yes. It took place at The Rex Theater down in the South Side and I’ve only been there once, back in 2015. It’s a nice venue, to be honest. It’s not huge, but it’s a decent size for smaller acts.

There was a good sized crowd when we came, about a half an hour after the doors opened. We checked out the venue, including the upper deck within the bar area that overlooks the entire floor and stage, which was so cool.  We kind of just hung around and talked to the band till it was showtime.

The crowd seemed to love them. It was only Dan and Rebecca from VictoriaDrive who played an acoustic set. They played a few covers and had the crowd repeat certain lines in a couple songs to make them feel more a part of the show. I was excited to see how well they did, just the two of them and seeing the crowd’s reaction. I even saw a couple crowd members look up their different social media pages.

Overall, it was a great, successful night. The next VictoriaDrive show is yet to be announced! Check them out on all social medias for updates!

Check out a handful of my favorite shots from the night, below and the rest are uploaded on my Flickr page! 🙂

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