One of the best ways to share holiday cheer is through song. Everyone knows that. Well, not everyone, else there’d be a lot happier people this time of year… lol. Anyway, music is universal and typically brings a smile to people’s faces. That’s why during the Christmas season, people go out caroling. This post isn’t about your typical Christmas caroling. It’s more about spreading Christmas cheer through song, like caroling does. The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh seemed to be filled with all kinds of Christmas cheer for their annual Christmas party show last Friday.

I attended the show because VictoriaDrive had come across my work (thank you, Maggie) and wanted me there to shoot their 45 minute set. Prior to being asked to shoot them, I’d never heard of them but quickly did my research. They’ve only been a band for about 2-3 years now and lead singer, Daniel Sikora is a talent, let me tell ya. He can play the violin like nobody’s business. What I love is how he incorporates the sound of the violin, which seems to be his specialty, into the pop/rock music the band plays. I genuinely enjoy their sound and loved listening to it live.

Having seen a couple other bands play that night prior to their set, I was mostly impressed by how they incorporated the Christmas spirit into their set. They all had Christmas hats, including fill-in Luke Oxendale of A Summer High, and played numerous mash-ups of infamous Christmas songs and honestly, it all meshed so well. It was great for those who were unfamiliar to them and their music because they had the chance to sing along, and it really seemed to liven up the crowd and lift the Christmas spirit in the room. Other bands did do Christmas songs but only like 1 included in the set and it sounded like they just learned it. Still, kudos to them for including them!

The crowd that formed for VictoriaDrive was fairly big too, especially considering the bands who played prior. People were dancing, singing, and even had their phone lights up for a slower song. Being it was my first VD show, I was impressed with what I saw. Great stage presence, unique sound, and a diverse group of people within the band and I loved every second of that show.

I highly recommend checking out a VictoriaDrive show whenever you get the chance to. Check them out on social media as well as your go-to music platform. Overall, great show, great night, and a great way to celebrate the holidays. Check out some of my favorite shots below and the rest on my Flickr Portfolio! (Do it they’re all so good omg)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a wonderful new year! I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store 😀


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