So for the past couple of months I’ve been working with a local band called ‘Look Out Loretta‘. I won’t be getting into details, but it’s been… quite the adventure. But, on Saturday, I got the chance to see them live and take some shots of them.

They are a pop punk band from Pittsburgh and have played the Four Chord Music Festival for the past few years as well. I’d never been there early enough to see them play so getting to see them at The Smiling Moose was awesome.

Their set was fun. For a bit there though, I got nervous because the fans started to mosh at one point and I was by myself and had to protect my cameras, haha. But overall, fans seemed to enjoy the set a lot. They are comedians on stage, I swear. Having gotten to know each member a bit prior to the show, seeing them on stage was fun. They transfer their outside personalities on stage and make the crowd feel like a part of everything. Jokes aside, their performance was crazy.

I linked their Facebook above and their music will be available on Spotify and select platforms soon! Check out some of my favorite shots below and the rest here!

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