Ciao! We are 3 days into our Italy trip and it’s been nothing short of an adventure. We’ve all (well most of us) become so close and have been having such a wonderful time.

As I mentioned, yesterday we visited the Vatican, as well as multiple churches, ate some cannolis (amazing), and explored Rome a little bit before running block after block through a torrential rainstorm to where we were going to eat pizza. It was great, lol. But since I couldn’t have my camera most places, I didn’t want to write about it.

Day 3 was wild from beginning to end. We started out the day by seeing a huge church called Basilica di S. Clemente. There were underground ruins of an older church built first and then the modern church was built on top. Then we went to S. Agnese fuori le mura, before heading to lunch on our own. Lunch was amazing, oh my gosh. My small group broke off and went to a small pizzeria called Pizzeria Europa. It kind of reminded me of like the Italian version of Subway, where it’s small and cheap. Seriously, I paid 6 euros for a coke and a piece of pizza. In the grand scheme of things, that’s basically nothing. And, oh my GOSH was it amazing. I miss it, haha.

Then around 3:30pm we had our appointment at the Colosseum. Our Rome tour guide, Richard, gave us some background on the Colosseum before we went in while we waited and it made it pretty cool to have prior knowledge before we went inside.

The Colosseum was unreal. It was the first thing we’ve seen here that I was truly in awe about. It almost didn’t look real. It’s something you see in so many pictures and don’t ever expect to trust be able to see and it was absolutely beautiful. And we were able to learn so much. The sides of it were actually destroyed by weather such as earthquakes, which was something I didn’t know. It wasn’t just over time. That’s what gives it it’s worn down look.

After we went around the Colosseum and got photos everywhere, we walked to Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum, which were both ruins of ancient Rome. They were both beautiful sights to see and learn about as we walked through and took photos. I have to say, too, that being here and learning makes the facts that much more interesting. I truly don’t think you can learn from a textbook and truly retain that knowledge.

After that we went to dinner together and tried some wine and pizza. I got Marinara which basically had sauce, garlic, and basil and it was very good. Also, I don’t like hardly any wine but the one my group of friends ordered wasn’t the worst one I’ve tried, so that was good. Then we went back and prepped ourselves for the next day.

Today we are on our way to Florence to enjoy another part of Italy!

As usual, I posted all my photos on Flickr and featured a few below!

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