Benvenuto! Wow, what a long day. We had to get up early enough to get ready and eat before walking to the metro, which we had to ride to reach the train station. That is such a long walk, especially with our bags we brought for staying the weekend.

After a beautiful and scenic train ride to Florence, we made our way to the Uffizi Gallery where our tour guide, Paul, met us and tested our knowledge. He was quite the guide, let me say. He was great and I actually learned quite a few things from his interactive lecture. After our walk around, we were all starving and decided to go to this restaurant right on the same square we ended our gallery tour. I had spaghetti… my life is complete. It was DELISH. I wanted to cry. I have now officially eaten pasta in Italy. I can die happy now. Lol. Then we all met up with our group and went to Ponte Vecchio, which translates to “Old Bridge”. There are TONS of shops the whole way down. There are smaller markets on the actual bridge itself. There was a beautiful view of the river Arno.

Afterwards, we split up and our little group went and found a gelato shop and enjoyed some tasty gelato. I got lemon and mango and it was so good. My Italian dreams have come true. We then came back to our hotel and just chilled for the rest of the night.

I took some great shots throughout the day and featured some below! The rest of my photos are featured in my Italy adventure album on Flickr.

Tomorrow we have a free day to eat and explore as well as shop, which I’m looking forward to.

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