Here we have holiday show number two! Last year, I shot the same show; The Annual Hard Rock Holiday Show, in Station Square, one of my favorite local venues… Specifically cause they have good food and drinks. I shot VictoriaDrive, who played the show last year. This year, I also was there to shoot Vertical 48, a local band who played the Hard Rock Holiday Show last year and I specifically remember loving their sound. The lineup also included Twin Trees, August Winters, and Bull’evere.

First on my lineup was Vertical 48, whom I mentioned I saw play last year. I also, earlier this year, was asked to shoot their show at the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls, which was a great show.

I shoot a lot of bands, as you can probably gather, and I almost always fall in love with their sound. It’s so much more fun when you enjoy the music you’re listening to as you shoot a show. I had a very hard time standing still for my photos of V48 because every song they play is so damn catchy. ‘Late to the Party’ is my JAM. (Seriously go check it out on Spotify)

The bands were having a tough time getting people involved, but Vertical 48 seemed to have no trouble at all. From the very beginning of their set, they had people hooked… Friends, family, and strangers alike. People were dancing and some were singing along from their table. I was so excited to see that, especially being a fan of their music, myself. They were fantastic and I’m excited to see where things go with them next year. Mario (lead vocals/keyboard/guitar/drums/everything), said they were going on a bit of a hiatus, but are planning to come back strong. I’m excited to see what’s in store for these young guys.

The last band shoot of 2018, consisted of another favorite band of mine… VictoriaDrive. Last I shot them was, I believe, the St. Patrick’s Day show at Mr. Roboto, where I got one of my favorite photos of the year. They don’t have shows very often, but they certainly bring a crowd when they do. I’ll tell ya, every show of theirs I’ve been to has not been a disappointment when it comes to attendance. Friends, family, and random concert patrons alike come down to the dance floor and jam out, just about every single time.

Earlier this year, the band released an album that re-released songs from the beginning of their band career up until the present. They’ve released some really good songs over the last 4 years, but ‘City Lights’ is probably my favorite. It’s a slower song, but anytime they play it, Dan (lead vocals/guitar) has the crowd take out their phone lights… Which made for a great shot at the Mr. Roboto show. They played that one first, but I don’t remember any phone lights in the air. They also played one of the new ones they’ve been working on.

VictoriaDrive also announced their newest member, bassist Cherish Umholtz. “Not just another fill-in I hired for a show,” Dan said. The girl has chops, too. She accompanied the band when they played Christmas classic, ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’. Dan made a funny comment about how he was so happy to have someone else in the band who can sing so he doesn’t have to do all the singing… to which a friend and audience jokingly responded with, “Me too!”

I always have such a fun time shooting for VictoriaDrive. They put on a great set and really seem to enjoy what they’re doing and I love it.

Overall, it was a fantastic night and a great way to send off 2018, as far as my photography goes. I’ll be posting my top 10 photos from this year coming soon! Sit tight! (It’s so hard to decide because I love so many)

A few of my favorite shots from the night at Hard Rock are included below and you can find the rest in my portfolio!

Have a great new year! See you in 2019!

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