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Happy New Year, all! Well, I’m off to a great start to the new year with some new content for you! I had the opportunity to shoot pop/punk band, Makeout on their 20/20 Winter Tour stop in Pittsburgh! For Christmas, I got one of those light prisms you may have seen other photographers use. I wanted it since it’s another way to demonstrate my creativity within my photos. This was the first show since I received it that I was really able to see how it works! It’s pretty darn cool, let me just say. So, without further ado, let’s get into the deets of my first show of 2019!

As I mentioned before, I had the privilege of finally getting to see/shoot Makeout when they came to Pittsburgh. I’ve missed them every time they’ve come, until now. They were on tour with Cute Is What We Aim For this past fall and came to the Club at Stage AE. This time, however, they were headlining a week of shows and their stop in Pittsburgh was at the Smiling Moose, in the South Side. They brought along Handguns and Story Untold on the tour. Oh, Weatherly was also supposed to play but their van’s transmission blew and they weren’t able to get it fixed before the tour.

Both Handguns and Story Untold were great openers for Makeout. I have this thing where I get turned off to music acts that don’t match the vibe and even a bit of the sound of the headliner. I’ve been to a few shows where I was not a fan of an act because they were too slow or too vibey for the energy of the show I was at. At this show, that was not the case at all.

Handguns, from Harrisburg, PA are a pop/punk band, and I felt they were on the heavier side, which vibes well with Makeout’s partially pop partially punk sound. They were a bit more on the wild side, but not too much. They interacted well with the crowd and encouraged moshing. Not my favorite thing, but I still enjoyed the set nonetheless.

Story Untold, form Montreal, Canada, are a pop/rock/alternative band, which also vibed well with Makeout’s sound. They were a perfect blend and I enjoyed their set. They remind me, a ridiculous amount, of All Time Low. I mention in my review in Pittsburgh Music Magazine, that the lead singer, Janick Thibault, has a voice very close to Alex Gaskarth’s, which I love. The crowd seemed to too. They had quite a few fans in the audience as well who knew every word.

Lastly we had Makeout. Originating from Providence Rhode Island, the band gained fairly massive success quickly, after having won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands on the Vans Warped Tour a few years back. They’ve worked with the likes of John Feldmann (huge music guru), Travis Barker, and Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer… you know I had to mention that, lol. They released their album “The Good Life” in 2017 and have been riding on that success for a while now. They are said to release some new music sometime in 2019.

Let me just say that they put on a great show. They had the crowd on their feet the entire time. It was almost like a massive party, which is how lead singer, Sam Boxold, describes their album. It’s awesome that they were able to bring that to the stage. Highly recommend checking out their show whenever they come nearby… especially if you like to party.

You can read more about my show experience and review of the bands in my article on Pittsburgh Music Magazine’s website. (Link above) Overall, though, I really did enjoy the show as a whole, not just the headliner.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff and content throughout the rest of the year! Some of my favorite photos from the show are included below, but I recommend seeing all of them on my Flickr page to see all the magic I made with my new light prism!

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