Hey there!

So being such an avid music fan, I decided to try something different. I’m going to be showcasing some of my favorite bands, (that I’ve shot cause, duh, I’m a photography blog) locals and nationwide ones.

I think big and small bands alike deserve recognition because some of my favorite bands are locals. These blog posts will showcase locals and larger bands alike, as I said, and will highly encourage you, readers, to check them out as well as your own local music scene. This won’t just cover bands, either. It will also cover single acts as well, I’m just categorizing them all under ‘band’. So, welcome to my new blog segment!

There will be no set frequency for when you’ll see new segments, mostly because life is crazy busy. Also, they aren’t being put in specific order either — just whoever I feel like posting in any order! Check back for my first Music Spotlight!

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