If you’ve ever been to a pop/punk show, you pretty much know what to expect. It’s a room full of electrifying energy and a major amount of passion in the crowd. You see audience members being absolutely wild and pushing each other around in what is considered moshing, which I recently learned is considered a kind of dancing. For me, I see crowd members in their escape from reality. I see the band in their element, taking in the invigorating ambiance of the room and feeding off their energy. Everyone in the room enjoying every second. I think that’s what I love most about concert photography is capturing that from both sides. I’m almost a neutral party taking in and watching the energy exerted from both ends. This show was no exception.

Originally, this post was to be about Our Last Night, The Dangerous Summer, and Atlantic Wasteland at the Rex Theater. However, Trevor, from Our Last Night (OLN) got sick and they had to cancel a few shows; one from the State Champs Living Proof Tour, and then this one until further notice. They rescheduled the show for April 1st to make it up to fans who already purchased tickets. This decision was made day of, which confused the heck out of everyone. Soon after, it was announced that The Dangerous Summer and Atlantic Wasteland were still doing the show, just down the street at The Smiling Moose. It then became a whole new show and concertgoers had to purchase tickets for $10 at the door. Having been one of those confused concertgoers, I observed that the change-up didn’t keep people from showing up at the show and having the best time.

Atlantic Wasteland played first. A song or so in, people started to file in more and jam out. I had to watch my back because people were moshing and I didn’t have my usual photography assistant/bodyguard/boyfriend with me, lol. I was pleasantly surprised by how much the crowd enjoyed them. As always, I was singing along to every song in the set. They played a few new ones off of the album they’ve been recording for a few months now, such as “Flat Stanley” and their recently released single, “It’s Mid-July, Take Off the Beanie”.  Atlantic Wasteland was also excited to release their newest merch! They have a super cute and comfy light hoodie, and AW dad-hats/baseball hats. They were stoked to be on the same stage as The Dangerous Summer, and even just playing, seeing as though the show was rescheduled. They will be on the lineup at the rescheduled show with Eternal Boy and Our Last Night on April 1st at the Rex Theater.

The Dangerous Summer was on second and last. In case you’re unfamiliar with them, The Dangerous Summer is a Pop/Punk band based in Ellicott City, Maryland. According to their Spotify bio, they had walked away from the scene in 2014, but people kept on listening. They came back within the last few years and reunited with Hopeless Records and they are bigger than ever. I’ve seen them once before when they played the Four Chord Music Festival in 2017. Seeing them again 2 years later, and in a much smaller venue, was a crazy experience. As much as I personally don’t like moshing (mostly cause I’m small and feel like I’ll get crushed or knocked over), you could feel the energy of the room. Fans were screaming every word along with AJ Perdomo (lead vocals), and the energy was electric. At the end of their set, Perdomo came into the crowd to mosh, and get intimate with the crowd. Audience members held up their flashlights and took selfies while he remained in the crowd. TDS members were all so grateful for Atlantic Wasteland’s willingness to still do the show, and for the crowd’s willingness to buy $10 tickets to see an almost completely different show. Perdomo even said they missed playing at the Moose and had an absolute blast.

If you’re a Pittsburgh native, I recommend catching a show at The Smiling Moose in the South Side, If you’re looking for a small, intimate show, depending on the show, it’s the perfect place to go. Being a last minute change-up, the show was just as great as it would have been at the Rex, just bigger. Locals Atlantic Wasteland and Maryland Pop/Punkers, The Dangerous Summer, are both great bands worth making it out to a show for. As I mentioned earlier, Atlantic Wasteland will be at the rescheduled show with Our Last Night and Eternal Boy on April 1st at the Rex Theater (just down the road from the Moose). I linked the event page on Facebook, above.

I included some of my favorite shots from the show below and you can check out the rest on my Flickr page.

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