Hey, y’all! I’m back from the great, warm, beautiful south. My family and I took a trip to visit Savannah, Georgia to experience its food, culture, and history. I specifically enjoyed all of the photo opportunities I encountered the entire trip.

We left Pittsburgh on Saturday March 9th, and got into Savannah at some point in the afternoon. That day consisted of settling in mostly, but we did do a few things I will make note of. We had lunch at Green Fire Pizza and it was amazing. I had Margherita pizza and it was delish. Throughout our stay, I noticed similarities between there and New Orleans, specifically the consistently open patios and open restaurant doors. They also allow open cups of alcohol, which I found odd to begin with. The weather was beautiful, especially coming from winter in Pittsburgh… lol. 80 degree weather was exactly what I needed to break me of my cabin fever. We also visited this amazing coffee shop called Gallery Espresso, that is the oldest standing coffee shop in Savannah. I got a chai rose iced tea and oh my goodness, it was amazing. It’s all I ended up getting the next few times we went to that coffee shop. It was my sister’s birthday so we ended up going to Vic’s on the River for dinner. We ended the night taking a mini ghost tour on a hearse, which was an experience to say the least.

Day two, we took a bus tour around the historic district seeing some of the most iconic sights, such as sights featured in movies like Forrest Gump and learning about Savannah history. Later on we got to see my girl, Vern, who lives in the city and moved there last year and raved about it. It is definitely beautiful and the weather is fantastic. We did some local shopping before splitting off and we went to get dinner somewhere. Later on, we made a trip to the iconic Forsyth Park which was beautiful at night.

Day three we took a drive to Hilton Head Island, SC, which was only a 45 minute drive. Hilton Head was beautiful and it was so nice to be able to be on a beach after this cold winter. We went to lunch to experience The Salty Dog, and it was delicious. On the beach, my sister and I did a little photoshoot because why not?? During which we saw dolphins! They didn’t jump like they do in the movies but I did get a good bit of pictures of what we could see of them. We stopped at Corner Perk coffee shop on the outskirts of Hilton Head and it was amazing. They were actually out of chai, so I ended up with a fruity hibiscus green tea, which I ended up LOVING. Dinner was reserved at Lady and Sons, Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah.

Our last day was just a catch up day to check out stores and restaurants we had wanted to try but never had the chance to get to. We started out by visiting Oak Avenue, which has had a lot of movies filmed in it, such as a scene in The Last Song (!!!). Beautiful park and museum with a good bit of history. The rest of the day consisted of shopping and getting the rest of our souvenirs.

Overall, it was a beautiful city to visit. Clean streets, Victorian style homes and architecture, and the people we encountered were very friendly for the most part.

I got some awesome photos from our trip. Check out some of y favorites below! The rest can be seen on my Flickr page!


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