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Marianas Trench released their fifth full-length album, Phantoms, this past March. To celebrate its release and success, they planned the Suspending Gravity Tour with stops around the U.S. and Canada, with a European leg later on. This would be the third time I’ve seen Marianas Trench, and my excitement for the show never wavered. I last saw them on their Hey You Guys!! Tour in 2016, and their SPF 80’s Tour, also in 2016 (bizarre, I know but I wasn’t about to question it). I shot one of the two and it was so surreal. Needless to say, I was very excited to see what kinds of photos I’d be able to get this time around.

On their Suspending Gravity Tour, they brought along Toronto DJ and producer, DJ George Thoms. Thoms really brought the energy and was a great hype man to start off the show. He played a good mix of current and classic tunes that just about everyone could dance to.

They also brought along Indie/Pop band, New Dialogue, from Los Angeles, CA. They were very hip and current, I’d like to say. The woman-fronted band clearly had some fans in the audience because the crowd went nuts when they came on. I heard many voices behind me singing the lyrics to every song. Ela Kitapci, lead vocalist, has this Hayley Williams vibe to her and it’s very intriguing. Maybe it was her pink hair, I don’t know, but her stage presence was phenomenal. I dig a little deeper to the openers in my review in Pittsburgh Music Magazine, linked above.

The wait is over, finally, as the clock strikes 9. The band’s opening production video starts playing, which might I add was super spooky, and fit very well with the theme of the album. Then they all came out playing the beginning notes of “Eleonora”, the first track on the new album. And something happens and all I see is Josh Ramsay, lead vocalist, laughing at himself and then the song starts and the crowd sings the words, as Ramsay tries to compose himself. It was a very beautiful moment I loved being a part of. I actually have some photos taken while he was laughing to himself.

Anyways, they had a good mix of old and newer songs to cater to every Marianas Trench fan, which is always nice. But they did play a lot of songs from Phantoms. They played oldies such as “Fallout” and “Desperate Measures” from Ever After and “Who Do You Love” picking up part of the encore, from Astoria. During “Pop 101” and “Desperate Measures”, Ramsay made his way through the crowd, serenading the audience members who flocked around him. I didn’t even notice, but managed to get some shots while he was in there. Ramsay has a tendency to do crazy things like that during shows. He did something like that during the SPF 80’s tour, where he ended up through the crowd and performing part of a song on the bar top in the back of the venue. Crazy. Later on, Ramsay did a performance of tear-jerker, “One Love”, while solo on stage and it really brought the crowd in. The show ended with an encore, as usual, and with “Who Do You Love” and “The Killing Kind”, which is off of Phantoms.

It was an amazing show, and exceeded my expectations, as it always does. I wrote a little more in my review in Pittsburgh Music Magazine, plus there are more photos featured there as well. I highly recommend checking out MT when they come back. If you’re into the edgy kind of Pop/rock music, you’ll really like them. And they never put on a bad show, so they’re worth every penny.

Below, I picked some of my favorite shots (which was very hard, may I add), and the rest can be viewed in my album on Flickr!

Shot for Pittsburgh Music Magazine.

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