Hey there friends! Been some time! I was finishing out the semester and graduating and moving out of my dorm and starting a full time job so it’s been very, very busy. But, I managed to find some time to sit down and knock out this new show post!

So last week, I had the privilege of going to see bloom. on their ‘withered’ tour to celebrate the release of their new EP. I definitely needed the night out away from all the stress of finishing out the semester and the night did not disappoint.

First up, we had local funk-pop/punk rock band (according to their Facebook page), The Bleepy Things. They definitely have a unique sound to them. They were all super energetic on stage and really enjoyed even such a small show. I didn’t have the chance to take pictures since I was mingling and getting my settings ready. Their music can be found wherever you listen to your music!

Next up we had Young Lungs, a local Indie/Alt/Rock band. I was interested to see them play because I’ve heard nothing but good things about them and I’ve never had the opportunity to see or shoot them. Well, they certainly lived up to my expectations. They were upbeat and funky and just put on an overall fun set. Lead singer, Meg Wills is a perfect fit with her unique look (I personally love her hair) and her sick vocals. I definitely enjoyed their performance for sure.

Next up we had, my good friends, Atlantic Wasteland who never cease to put on a show. In case you’re not familiar with my blog, they are a pop/punk band from Pittsburgh who I’ve become close friends with and I take photos of a lot. They put their all into every performance, big and small, and it’s an awesome sight to see. This show was no different.

Last but not least, we had Boston locals, and the show’s headliner,
bloom. I’ve seen bloom. a handful of times now and I’ve loved watching their set each time. I was first introduced to them when Tyler Knatz (keyboard and drums and like.. everything..lol), who used to be in Pittsburgh local band, Vertigo, joined them last year. I’ve had a thing for their single off of the new album, withered, “Goodbye Forever” mainly because it is SUCH an earworm. The band started as a duo with Matt and Torre and have grown into what they are today. Like many of the bands I’ve come to know and love, they put their all into their shows and make sure the crowd is having a great time. Mr. Roboto Project, located just outside of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, is an extremely small and intimate venue, but that didn’t keep them from putting on an amazing show. Their newest album, withered is out now on every music platform! I suggest going to see them anytime you get the opportunity.

The Facebook pages of each of the bands listed above are linked in each paragraph. All in all, it was an awesome show and the crowd seemed to enjoy every second of it.

Below are a handful of photos from the show and the rest can be found on my Flickr!

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