I knew 2020 was going to be a good year but when the ball dropped on December 31st, I didn’t expect that I’d be getting to travel so much this new year. However, I am so unbelievably excited for these adventures because I absolutely love to travel.

My first adventure of 2020, Chris and I made the trek to the Big Apple… New York City, NY. What felt like a really long drive, wasn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things. 6.5 hours of music, snacks, and various gas and bathroom breaks later, we were crossing the state lines and made our way into the big city. On our way we entertained ourselves by counting the number of Sheetz and Wawa’s. (The final count was 14 Sheetz and like 3 Wawa’s)

Neither of us have been to NYC before so this was an adventure all around. We had some issues getting in to the city because of some major accidents and then we got the wrong room number and then the key battery on the door knob to our actual room was being replaced, but after it was all said and done, we got settled and changed and headed out to explore.

We stayed at the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel and it was awesome because you walk out the door and Times Square was right around the corner. We explored the bright lights and advertisements and got some photos before beginning our walk through to the Empire State Building. It was only a 15 minute or so walk so it wasn’t bad, especially with so much to look at on the way.

Now prior to our trip, a friend of mine highly recommended getting the New York Pass online because it offers major discounts for certain attractions you may want to see on your trip. For two days and two people, it wasn’t bad because if you paid for each attraction you wanted to do, it likely would have added up to even more. And I honestly feel like it saved not only money, but time too. Tickets were purchased and all they had to do was scan the QR code on your ticket and all was good. We went on both of the viewing floors of the Empire State Building; floor 80 and floor 86. Absolutely stunning view. I loved that we ended up going at night, cause by now it was probably 8-8:30pm and the city was completely lit up and it was absolutely incredible. The 86th floor is the one with the outdoor deck. So. Cool.

Once we were done there, we stopped at Shake Shack for a quick dinner, grabbed some snacks at a local pharmacy and headed back to the hotel cause we were exhausted.

Day two was our busiest day because it was our only full day in the city. We got breakfast at the Astro Restaurant, a short walk from our hotel. The place came highly recommended from some of my co-workers back home. It was delicious!!! Chris had a oreo-infused waffle and I had apple cinnamon-stuffed french toast.

Next up we had some time to fill before we had our reservation for a tour. So, we headed up town to Central Park and walked off our breakfast a bit while taking in the sights. I can’t wait to come back and walk the length of it cause that will be awesome. We stopped for a bathroom break and a quick coffee at a.cafe. Once we finished there, we made the journey down to Rockefeller Center. I was so excited about this landmark because it’s so well known and I watch the Today Show/SNL so it was cool to see where they film some of their shows. And of course the ice rink since it’s still winter. We made our way inside the Rock, which I had no idea was a little mall too. And I saw the door to Jimmy Fallon’s studio and I fangirled a bit. (we share a birthday, don’t laugh).

Once we got our tickets for the Top of the Rock, (they had to scan our NY pass, so it was already paid for) we went to the the top of the Rock! There are also two viewing floors, both being outdoor. Beautiful view. This time, we got to see the NY skyline in the daylight.

Once we got our photos there, it was getting to the time we had our tour. So, we stopped for coffee and headed to the meeting place.

The tour we reserved was also through the NY pass and was a DC/Marvel Superhero walking tour through Top Dog Tours NYC. Our tour guide was Jeff and he was incredible. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better tour guide for a subject like this. He was enthusiastic and made sure no one got lost, and clearly loves what he does. We got to see so many sights from movies and TV shows as well as inspirations for some of the locations in the comics. Chris even learned a lot and he is an avid superhero fan.

Once that tour was done, we made the long walk back to the hotel room to just relax our legs for a bit and decide on dinner. We ended up deciding to go to Angelo’s Pizza, which was a short walk from the hotel. It’s actually located in the Ed Sullivan Theater where the Late Show with Stephen Colbert is filmed. (Broccoli Rob for those Office fans like myself). The pizza was DELISH. Expensive place but good service, good drinks, and good food so I was happy. After we filled out stomachs, we did some souvenir shopping and headed to bed.

Day three, our last day in NYC ☹️. The morning consisted of getting ready, packing up, checking out, and heading on our way to our last stops before going home.

The whole reason we planned this trip was because Chris loves Hugh Jackman/Wolverine/Greatest Showman and Jackman co-founded a coffee shop, Laughing Man. His coffee was sold in our local stores but it is no longer on the shelves. Sadness. So he wanted to go to the actual shop, which if you follow my blog, you know we love coffee shops so I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to go to another one and make a fun trip out of it. So we went to Laughing Man, which is located outside the main part of Manhattan and is more southern New York. Chris got a Matcha Latte and I got.. of course.. a chai latte. Both were delicious. It was a smaller coffee shop than I ever anticipated but the store fronts next to it are vacant and there was a sign that Laughing Man was coming soon so I assume they’ll be expanding it which is great because as of right now, they’d get a 3/10 for the environment 😂.

Our final stop was at the 9/11 Memorial, not far from the coffee shop. We didn’t get the chance to walk through the museum since we had to get on the road, but the memorial was emotional. To think two buildings stood there that people went to for work every single day is crazy.

And that concludes our adventures in New York! I’m so excited to go back one day and do some of the stuff we didn’t get to this time.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the trip below and the rest on my Flickr Page!

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