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Following the release of their debut album, Nothing Happens in 2019, Wallows went on the Nothing Happens tour, come 2020. They brought the tour to Pittsburgh on February 26th, at Mr. Smalls Theatre, my favorite venue in the city. They brought along Penelope Isles from the UK as an opening act.
Penelope Isles is kind of like indie pop but also have the same chill vibes that Wallows brings to the table.For an opener, I noticed a lot of people in the audience singing along to every word. That’s not something you see too often with opening bands, unless it’s like All Time Low opening for 5 Seconds of Summer or 5SOS opening for The Chainsmokers… lol. I enjoyed watching their energy for sure!
Wallows was next. Originating from LA, Wallows considers themselves alternative, but I would point more toward high energy indie pop. The show was sold out, which was crazy. For those of you unfamiliar with the band, the frontman, Dylan Minnette, plays Clay Jensen on the Netflix hit show, 13 Reasons Why, which is the main reason why I even knew who Wallows was. (Such a good show by the way… highly recommend.)
They have a sound that is smooth but also high energy. They ended the night with an encore of their most popular songs, both off of the new album; “Treacherous Doctor” and “Are You Bored Yet?”. There was a really awesome moment in “Are You Bored Yet?” where the audience sang every single word of the bridge/feature. The band took in every second of that moment. I keep saying their sound in certain songs remind me of the music that plays in the animated show from the ’90s, Scooby Doo, that was on Cartoon Network, hahaha. I loved seeing them live for sure.

Read my full review under the link above in Pittsburgh Music Magazine! 



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