First live show blog post! Stoked to share this one with you guys.

Yesterday was a surreal day. I got to shoot my first paid gig! As in like concert gig which was a totally cool experience.

The band I shot for, Vertigo, was the opener for British rock band, Enter Shikari, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Vertigo is a pop/rock band from Pittsburgh whom I’ve shot before. When I went this summer to see Marianas Trench (Canadian pop/rock band), they opened and of course I shot them as well as the other acts. They loved my photos from then and asked me to come to this show which was sick! They have a milder sound, which is why I have come to really like their music, since first hearing them. They have a super energetic set and they’re all over the place. I even have a photo of the guitarist (named Tyler.. one of the 2) whipping his hair in the air.

They did a 25ish minute set and all the guys were funny, and super nice dudes. The show they put on was amazing and the crowd seemed to love them too.

I got to take photos from the pit at the very front for the first three songs, as well as the side of the stage, before running around the floor for the rest of the set getting all kinds of unique shots. Overall, the photos turned out great and I’m excited to share them.

Anyone reading this should give them a listen and share with me what you think! Below, I have their Spotify linked and their Facebook is linked up above. All of their social medias can be found using the tag “VertigoPA”.

(Vertigo’s Spotify)

Check out some of my favorites from last night! You can check out the rest on my Portfolio as usual!

Be sure to check them out if they’re your style!

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