We are at it again with Pittsburgh Coffee Shop Adventures Pt. 2! Finally got the chance to get back out and check out another coffee shop in Pittsburgh. This time it was for Espresso a Mano located in Lawrenceville.

It wasn’t all that hard to find, actually! Again we used our GPS. The only issue we had was finding parking.. lol. But once we got in there, it had a great coffee shop feel to it. Very hipster, relaxed environment. Although, being after 4pm on a Saturday, it was much busier than the other one we went to on a Monday.

There was a lot of room for patrons to sit, but there were more bar areas to stand at with no seats. Still, no big deal since it was fairly big and I was around taking photos anyway.

As you know, I am an avid chai tea lover so again, I got the chai tea latte. Damn.. was it good. It was beautifully made too and I was so excited.

Chris got an iced coffee with almond flavoring and says he rates it an 8/10.

My chai is rated a 9/10, a really close 10… it was so GOOD. Before we left, I even got an iced one to go because I needed to try it.

The environment is definitely a 9/10, just because there is a lot of standing area to the seating area. But overall, it is the epitome of a coffee shop vibe.

I took a photo of their menu so that you can try it out for yourself! I linked their Facebook page above for any additional information about it that you would need. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a chai tea lover or a coffee shop fanatic in any way. Such a great little shop.

Other than that, below I showcased some of my favorites from today’s coffee shop adventure! Go ahead and check them out! The rest are located in my Portfolio!

If you have any coffee shop suggestions, leave them in the comments!


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