Welcome to Pittsburgh Coffee Shop Adventures Pt. 3! This time we went and visited 21st Street Coffee and Tea located in the Strip/Cultural District of Pittsburgh! On a cold Friday April 7th, we ventured out to this lovely shop and enjoyed some warm beverages to heat up our frozen bodies.  I must say that this was such a great little shop. It was set up and decorated a little different than the others but I liked it.

What I really liked, and found out from my boyfriend, was that they make their own milk and use it which is super cool. They’ve got a lot of cool merchandise on sale, which I took some photos of, as well as the menu.

They sell boxed chai to make at home and, as you know by now, I’m an avid chai lover and couldn’t pass up that opportunity.

The shop was longer than it was wide, but had much more light. Up on the balcony, there’s a collaboration area where business meetings or group projects can take place there and have it rented out. You get awesome drinks and can get work done… that’s sweet.

Overall, I enjoyed it! My favorite chai so far still is Espresso a Mano’s but this came as a close second.. hence why I bought it.

I rated my chai an 8/10 as it was nice and hot but also had a hint of sweetness to it and it was so good.. but I have also never had a bad chai haha.

Chris got a mocha, as he heard from a friend that it is amazing. He gave that a 9/10.

For the overall environment, I gave it 9/10 because there’s plenty of seating and it has a relaxed vibe to it, even though it is lit up quite well.

Overall, lovely trip downtown to check this one out and I’ll definitely be there again when going to the strip, especially! I linked their Facebook page above in case you wanted to check it out!

This coffee shop adventure has been so fun thus far and I’m so lucky to be able to share it with my love.  I definitely recommend visiting each one of these that we’ve been to so far! I have hardly a complaint to give for any of them.

Here are some of my photos from our adventure to 21st Street Coffee and Tea! The rest are located in my Portfolio!


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