That’s right… in case you live under a rock and don’t know, the Pittsburgh Penguins are back to back Stanley Cup Champions! 2nd year in a row. Wow. Last team to do that was the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 & 1998!

Having lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and not being much into football, hockey has become my favorite sport within the past decade. This was my 2nd victory parade ever and they just so happened to be just a year apart… how cool! I wasn’t working (I actually ended up with the entire day off later) and neither was my boyfriend and a couple of our friends so we all met up for the widely attended victory parade the city of Pittsburgh throws for its community any time the Penguins win the Cup.

I got up super early to get ready for Chris to pick me up. Once at his house, we got an Uber into the city because finding parking would have been, and was for those who drove, a nightmare. We ended up getting there around 8am and managed to get a great spot, alongside all of the early risers and travellers. Most of the crowd congregated by the stage at Point State Park but we were mostly there for the parade, as cool as it would have been to see them all on stage. You just get up close and personal with the players being on the parade route; especially whenever they get off the back of the car and sign things and take pictures and all that.

This year, they seemed much more interactive and excited. I enjoyed last year, but I think I liked the 2017 victory parade just a bit better. Maybe it’s because I got to see Conor Sheary in person, right in front of me… maybe not… teehee.

My friend, Mackenzie, is in love with Olli Maata and had a hilarious sign that said “You’re Olli that Maata’s to me” on one side and “Carrie may have carved her name into his leather seat, but her husband won’t be carving his name into the Cup!” on the other. It was a favorite of most everyone in the parade. Scott Wilson and Ian Cole loved it so much they jumped off the back of their car and went and signed it and took pictures with her which was awesome. Maata saw her sign as well and jumped off and came and gave her a hug which made her life. Great team of guys. They’re very appreciative of their fans and very humble.

Tailing the parade, as usual, was Sidney Crosby and the infamous Stanley Cup. Crazy cool to see the duo in real life, rather than just on TV. I got some cool shots of them together as well which I was really psyched about.

Standing there for over 5 hours with the sun beating down on us was nuts. Lol. But so worth it. I got some amazing photos, came super close to actually meeting Sheary, and was surrounded by a great group of friends. It was totally worth the fire hot, tomato red sunburn I’m currently struggling with… lol. (It hurts so bad)

It was cool to be a part of the estimated 650,000 people who showed up to cheer on their team. I love the passion this city has for their sports. I was also cool to look back at last year’s photos and see how much I’ve improved since then. It’d be super cool to be able to do it next year and see the difference from now to then! What do you say, Pens? 3-peat??

Check out some of my favorite shots from the Stanley Cup victory parade on June 13th! The rest can be found on my Portfolio! Feel free to share this post as well as some of your favorite photos!


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