Erie, Pennsylvania.  An hour and 45 minute drive north of Pittsburgh.  It’s kind of depressing that we have to drive that far just to get to the beach, but nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile trip.

There is plenty to do in Erie.  You could vacation there for maybe a week and still have things you didn’t get the chance to do.  As far as I can remember, I day-tripped to Erie with my family for many summers in a row.  Chris and I have done it now 2 years in a row.

I needed it this week.  Life has been “a beach” to me, as the title says, this past week and this day trip to the relaxing beaches and environment of Erie was much needed.

I got up early to get ready and wait for Chris to come get me so we could leave. We stopped for breakfast at a place close to home called Generoasta (really good by the way), before going on the long journey to the northernmost part of PA.  The drive there wasn’t too bad seeing as though there was construction on the highway.  Once we finally got there, we explored Presque Isle before picking Beach 10 as our final destination.

It wasn’t a super hot day, being probably around 75 degrees plus some wind and the water was COLD.  We laid out for a few hours and I read my book (“The Girl On The Train” for those interested) while also getting in an impromptu 20 minute nap.. haha.

After enjoying the beach for a bit, we went to Stevo’s Pizza for lunch since we were starved.  They had great pizza that really hit the spot.  Afterwards, we explored Presque Isle again and walked off most of the calories we just ate, and it was so nice.  We visited the Perry Monument (pictured) located about halfway through the island, as well as the Presque Isle Lighthouse, not far from the beach we picked; although you need tickets for that so we just saw it and watched the waves and the geese on the beach just feet from the lighthouse.

We walked a bit more before leaving to visit Tim Horton’s, a Canadian donut shop that I always visit when coming to Erie.  It was as amazing as usual.  We then explored the shopping area of Erie before heading home.

Overall, it was an amazing mini trip with my love. I got some sun (and sunburn) as well as some awesome pictures. Check them out below!

And… as per usual… the rest are located on my portfolio!


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