Corny title… I know. But it fit…  sue me.
This past weekend, my boyfriend and I visited a friend from college, whom I’ve photographed before; Vern (see Acoustic Night).  She lives in Washington, PA, only a 45 minute drive from us. Being such a short drive, you’d think it would be a similar environment, but it’s only partially suburban. It’s kind of a mixture between countryside and suburban, actually; at least where we went.
Anyway, we haven’t seen Vern in months so we decided we’d make it a day trip and it was so fun.

We first started out by getting some pizza at Upper Crust, close to Washington & Jefferson College, which was awesome. We then decided to walk off all the calories we would be eating throughout the day and went to Mingo Park, a huge community park that is absolutely breathtaking. We got somewhat lost, but it was a beautiful place to be lost in. We found our way back, not long after taking in the beauty of the nature surrounding us. We needed a breather afterwards, though, since it was a long, uphill walk on a hot day. We ended up soaking our feet in the creek in the park as well as getting stabbed by random rocks at the bottom. Totally. Worth it.

Next, we visited a local farmer’s market called Spring House for some much needed ice cream.

We then decided it was still early and went to the local outlet mall, Tanger Outlets and literally shopped till we dropped. Then we ran a few more errands before deciding on going to see Vern’s house. Her parents wanted pizza so we went out not long after to Osso’s Pizza (yes.. we had 2 meals of pizza.. don’t judge) and that pizza was bomb.

Not long after the beautiful sunset, Chris and I had to leave, and it was tough to part after such a great day. What an adventure with great friends.

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from this past weekend’s adventure in Washington.
The rest can be seen on… you guessed it… my portfolio! Check them out and share!

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