The local music scene is highly underrated. There are so many great bands that just haven’t broken through the surface quite yet but whose music is amazing. I, for one, love going to the smaller local shows. I’ve discovered so many great bands, that I love now, from my doing so. So, when I was asked by one of those bands, to shoot them at the Smiling Moose as they were opening for the popular alternative rock band, Anarbor, I jumped to the opportunity.

That band was Vertigo. As you already know, they are a local pop/rock band and their music is just downright groovy.  Shooting their sets is so fun because they are just so into what they’re doing on stage and it makes it that much more enjoyable for the crowd. This show was no different. They had a good number of people standing around, bobbing their heads to the beat..  including myself even while I was working. I am a huge fan of theirs and highly recommend those of you reading to check them out if you haven’t already. Their Facebook page Is linked above.

Next on the stage was pop/rock trio from Baltimore, Skyward Story. They used to be called 3PM and I remember hearing about them and the grind they were dedicated to by playing lines at various shows that came to town. Having known this, I was excited to see how they performed live. Needless to say, I was impressed. Their set was very fun and they had girls surrounding the stage and fangirling like crazy over them. They played mostly originals but threw in a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill”. Overall, they had a super fun set and I was impressed by them. Watch out.. they have the potential to be the next big boy band.

Next band up on stage was pop/rock Pittsburgh band, Milly. They were pretty cool. I was kind of surprised I hadn’t heard of them before this show being that they are in a genre I listen to and they are local. I found myself dancing while I was shooting the first few songs of their set. The crowd enjoyed them, it seemed, as well. Overall, I enjoyed them! You can check them out in the link above!

Up next on set was Sundressed, an “emotive punk” band from Arizona. They were the band touring with Anarbor on this fall tour. I noticed more people start to pour into the venue by this point and get hooked onto the beat during their set. They were another band that I hadn’t heard of prior to this show. My boyfriend, who had come with me, loved them. They had a really fun set and were kind of all over the place which made it for a super fun set. Their Facebook page is linked above!

Last up, was Anarbor, the band most everyone had come to see. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are from Phoenix and their music is top notch. I had only heard a few songs prior to this show but I was still psyched to be able to shoot them. I’m always excited to shoot different bands, big or small. The crowd, needless to say, was so into their set. They were screaming along to every song, phones in the air and overall just completely enjoying themselves. It made it for a great show to shoot and just be at. It was the place to be in Pittsburgh last Saturday night.

It was a fun, successful night for each band, it seemed. Fans came from far and wide to come see the bands in attendance that night. I also tried some new things when I was editing the photos. Check out a few showcased below! The rest are available on my portfolio!

Check out my review on Pittsburgh Music Magazine as well!


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