The Hoodie Mob was not ready for the show Hoodie Allen had in store for his Pittsburgh stop of The Hype Tour. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Hoodie Mob refers to the fanbase of Long Island rapper, Hoodie Allen. He just recently released his album ‘The Hype’, which, in my opinion, is the best one to date. I’ve recently become a fan of his and I was blown away by each and every song on that album. So, needless to say, I was hyped to be attending and shooting his Pittsburgh show. On his cross-country tour, he brought along Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher.

Myles Parrish was first on stage. Previously being a part of the duo, Kalin and Myles, he has since gone solo and been doing his own thing. Prior to this show, I’d only known Kalin and Myles’ ever so popular, “Love Robbery” but I did enjoy Myles’ solo set. It was upbeat and he got the crowd pumped up. The crowd seemed to know several of his songs as well. Overall, very fun set and I would highly suggest checking out a show. His Facebook is linked above!

Luke Christopher was next up on set. Luke is a hip-hop artist from LA. Being another solo artist with just a DJ on stage with him, he also used the stage to his advantage. He stayed fairly close to the front of the stage and interacted with the fans in the front row quite well. He got them pumping their fists to the beat of the song. He kept the crowd’s energy level high while they waited for the night’s main event. Go check him out in the link above!

Last but not least, Hoodie Allen was last on stage… the main event. As expected, his set was upbeat, fun, and all over the place… in a good way. He did songs from his older album such as “Cake Boy”, where he throws cake at the crowd, and ended the set with “No Interruption”, his most popular single. The Pittsburgh crowd was the best crowd of the tour thus far and he said because of that and their energy, he added “Small Town”. Being that it was The Hype Tour, he intermixed some of the newly released songs such as, “All My Friends”, “Sushi”, and my personal favorite, “Ain’t Ready”. He also did a small portion of the set acoustic with “Two Lips” off of his 2013 release, ‘Crew Cuts’. His set was a mix of everything and appealed to the newer ‘Hoodie Mob’ members as well as the older ones who’ve been there from the start. Fantastic show. I went to his Happy Camper Tour last year and it was my first Hoodie show and it was great. But The Hype Tour was just amazing. Great energy in the room and an overall wonderful night.

Some of my favorite photos are featured below and the rest can be found here!

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