Welcome back to my Pittsburgh Coffee Shop Adventures! It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the chance to venture out to try all the different chai teas this wonderful city has to offer. Been busy with work, school, and shooting shows and hadn’t gotten the chance to stop by anywhere. However, as it turned out, one of the shops on our main list is less than a block away from Manor Theatre in Squirrel Hill, where Chris and I went to see ‘Lady Bird’ (great movie by the way). It’s called Commonplace Coffee.

I just now discovered that there are actually several Commonplace Coffees in Pittsburgh. As mentioned above, we went to the one located in the Squirrel Hill area, just a few streets from Chatham University. We came across it by accident a couple weeks ago when we went to see ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ also at Manor Theatre. When we passed it we quickly realized it was one of the shops from our list and soon made our plans to come back.

We went in after the movie, around 5pm or so and it was packed. There was hardly a table open in that place. We ended up at the bar in the back on stools which was still really cool. The atmosphere was great. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love the relaxed environment. The coffee shop aesthetic is probably my favorite because of that. So I’d give Commonplace Coffee a 10/10 for environment. Despite being busy, there was still a place for everyone to enjoy their beverages. The staff was also extremely friendly and helpful.

As per usual I got a chai latte… duh. It was a great mix of sweetness and spice. The barista even made the milk look like a pretty leaf 😀 I swear they’re wizards. I gave it an 8!

Chris got an iced coffee with lavender and vanilla to which he loved. He says it was very unique with how he could taste the vanilla but also the certain sweetness of lavender. He gave it a 9. The cappuccino he got was bitter but smooth and enjoyable. He gave it an 8 as well.

As per usual, I took a couple photos which are all featured below as well as on my Flickr Portfolio. Overall, I’m super happy we had the chance to venture out there for another cool coffee shop adventure! Check them out at any or all of their locations! (Squirrel Hill, Indiana, Voluto, Mexican War Streets, and Roastery and Warehouse)


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